Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I finally caught enough time to watch first four episodes of Lost, American drama series which is currently being aired on Nova TV.

Whole concept – air crash survivors on remote island faced with some strange phenomena – is both promising and risky. The very mystery that keeps audience intrigued for weeks and months could become a show's doom once it is resolved, usually in the most unsatisfactory matter. And the complexities of plot and characterisation might lead to all kinds of continuity errors and plain bad screenwriting.

However, there are some promising signs. This looks like an ensemble piece – no character is more important than the others and, therefore, likely to face the early demise. There is a lot of room for some fine acting and the flashback scene break what could easily become a monotonous and predictable plot. I hope that the show in future episodes doesn't succumb to clichés and unnecessary melodrama.


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