Saturday, March 26, 2005

An Ordinary Historic Revisionism

Wars in this part of the world tend to defy the natural state of affairs. Logic, statistics and biology tell us that the number of veterans should decrease with the passage of years. In Croatia, however, this trend is quite opposite. As time goes by, number of veterans is steadily increasing, especially before the elections.

Jadranka Kosor, Sanader’s minister in charge of welfare and veterans’ affairs and failed presidential candidate, is going to publish new and revised figure of people who can claim various kinds of benefits based on their status of 1991-95 war veteran. It is said that the number is going to be around 450,000.

Needless to say, Kosor has all the reasons to push this number since her failed presidential bid revolved about her great compassion and care for veterans, refugees and other victims of war. Greater number of veterans, therefore, increases number of people who might vote for HDZ at upcoming local elections.

Everyone today understands the reasons for such a high number. But I don’t envy future historians who would have to make some sort of sense out of Kosor’s official records. They would undoubtedly ask a simple question: “If Croatia had such impressive manpower at its disposal, why it doesn’t border with Bulgaria and Rumania today?”


Blogger Seesaw said...

So, Croatia having 4,5 milion inhabitants, it means 10% of population, including babies and 99 years old men and women were fighting for freedom!
I also wonder, how come Subotica and Kotor are not in Croatia? (Not to ask about Mostar!)

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