Saturday, March 29, 2003

RPGs, Buildings and Birds

American soldiers in Iraq face RPGs. Croatian policemen in crusade to protect few endangered bird species face the same.

On the territory belonging to Vrana National Park near Biograd (Zadar-Knin County) building inspectors found foundations for four houses. The houses were built without permit, which is old Croatian custom. Usually, the authorities in such cases took "laissez faire laissez passé" approach, which is the policy adopted even in Communist days.

However, since Vrana National Park contains few precious (and endanegered) bird species, Croatian Ministry of Planning and Environmental Protection, led by energetic (although not too competent) Božo Kovačević (Bozo Kovacevic) decided to have those foundations removed. It was easier said than done, because the people who had wanted to build those houses are war veterans, many of them armed and many of them enjoying sympathies of local population. There was even some talk about threats being made against police and government officials. So the police conducted massive raid in Biograd. The net results was huge cache of weapons, including few RPGs.


I'm not talking about role playing games.


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