Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Money Talks

Article in today's Slobodna Dalmacija describes how Dugopolje incident was nothing more than Torcida's retaliation for similar road ambushes of their members near Zagreb. Those ambushes, however, never escalated into torching cars together with their occupants. Everyone fears what BBB might do in order to retaliate to Dugopolje.

In the meantime, officials Croatian top soccer clubs' officials are changing their tunes in regards to the idea that used to be floated few years ago – creating new international soccer league that would, among other things, include clubs from Serbia and Croatia. Similar model was already tested with basketball and Goodyear League.

Croatian soccer club officials initially opposed the idea because of security considerations – tensions between competing fans could be too high. Then again, judging by the feud between two Croatian soccer fan groups, Croatia is going to experience soccer violence one way or the or the other. What matters for cash-strapped Croatian soccer clubs is money. By having extra competition they would get bigger attendance in stadiums, wealthier sponsors and more opportunity to promote their talents – in other words, more money. And the money is what ultimately matters in soccer.


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