Sunday, December 07, 2003

Road Warriors

Last night there Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb had a National Soccer Championship game in Split. Such games are highlight of the season, although not because of the soccer itself – rivalry between Torcida and Bad Blue Boys, Split and Zagreb fan groups, is always there to provide material for bloodthirsty news media.

Last night, however, Poljud stadium and areas around it were quiet. Hajduk trashed Dinamo 3-1, as expected (any other result would have serious consequences for the vehicles and buildings around it). Police did its job, having Torcida and BBB separated and organising escort for vehicles carrying the latter.

Some vehicles from that convoy strayed and ended in Dugopolje, a place less than a hour of drive from Split centre. There they were literally ambushed by group of 40-something Torcida members. What followed was a big fight that left at least a dozen people injured and one vehicle completely burned.

It is ironic to see Hajduk and Dinamo having quiet little game without serious fan-related incidents only to have sequel in the form of amateur version of George Miller's Road Warrior.


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