Friday, December 05, 2003

Story Supernova Health Crisis

Former and current contestants of Story Supernova Music Talents show, who also happen to be inhabitants of Croatian equivalent of Big Brother house, have been struck by flu. Those who watch Croatia's most popularity reality show saw the ranks of their favourites decimated – Rafael "Rafo" Dropulić (Rafael "Rafo" Dropulic), Damir Kedžo (Damir Kedzo) and Saša Lozar (Sasa Lozar) are bound to bed, having 39 degrees (Celsius) temperature. The show was carried by those still healthy – Natalie Dizdar, Ivana Radovniković (Ivana Radovnikovic), Tin Samardžić (Tin Samardzic) and Nera Stipičević (Nera Stipicevic). Those five were briefly joined by "Rafo" who had jumped out of bed only to show people how brave he was.

I hope that the kids would recover. Tomorrow they are supposed to perform at big music show and the illness puts that in question.


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