Friday, January 23, 2004

School Killing in Split

Yesterday, around 13:15, life of Ivona Lalić (Ivona Lalic), 8-year pupil of the very grammar school I had attended many years ago, was taken by 22-year old Jurica T. It happened in front of the girl's father and hundreds of her classmates who were leaving class. The perpetrator, who killed little girl with motorcycle, has surrendered to police 15 minutes later.

Only last night I heard about the event but I was too busy to mention it in my blog. Now I'm glad I haven't written anything about it earlier. Otherwise I would have expressed what I really felt at the moment.

The words I had in my mind at that particular moment aren't the words I would like to use in my blog ever again. Nor would I like to write what I wanted to do certain people after realising that this incident wasn't incident at all – it was only brief moment when plenty of things wrong with this city and this country became more apparent than usual.

I'll try to blog about this later, when I have more time and when my head gets a little bit cooler.


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