Monday, September 06, 2004

On Second Thought…

I was thinking whether to erase or edit my previous comment about Beslan. I know that some may misunderstand it and that many would see my words as too harsh and too simplistic.

But the embarrassment over succumbing to emotion and abandoning moderation is still nothing compared to the anger I feel over the events that had me react in such way.

Some react in more positive way, though. Vlasta Pavić (Vlasta Pavic), mayor of Zagreb, invited some 50 Beslan schoolchildren and their teachers to spend holidays in City of Zagreb vacation centre on Adriatic Coast. It is merely symbolic gesture and seriously doubt that it would be accepted or seriously taken into consideration. But this proposal, no matter how ultimately inconsequential, shows that someone at least tries to think in terms of helping those people (and ultimately the rest of the world) to overcome last week's horror.


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