Monday, November 15, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Swine Love To Decide Vote?

Yesterday's drama in Big Brother House showed how traditional media are losing the race with the modern means of communications. Novi list, daily newspaper from Rijeka, has published an article about Željko (Zeljko) leaving the House, thus creating confusion among those fans who still saw phone vote ads on RTL Televizija. Večernji list (Vecernji list), on the other hand, was much quicker in delivering the news about Željko staying – its reporters described the whole affair as "moment of weakness".

This moment of weakness apparently had an effect on public sentiment. In a very tight and unpredictable contest between Željko and Sanja, the former had the slight advantage in on-line polls before his announcement. After the announcement and after Željko's change of heart, the polls showed Sanja errmer had the slight edge before npredictable race between ljko staying. thus creating confusion among tin inin the slight advantage.

However, one interesting development might have swayed the public sentiment back in Željko's favour. Dop, Croatian pop culture magazine, has published few of Sanja Kvastek's poems. Most of them sound just like they were written by Sanja the public has seen in the House. One of them - "Junk Women" - might explain why Sanja nominated Marina. Other poems, those that tend to deal with various sexual activities and certain bodily fluids, apart from using various four-letter words, also show Sanja's obsession with animal kingdom, embodied in phrases like "ostrich's friend" and "swine love".
It is hard to predict whether the public would show some understanding or sympathy for the author. On-line poll results, which again show Željko having slight advantage, suggest that the public didn't take Sanja's poetry favourably.


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