Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: T-Com's Delight

This week's Big Brother eviction vote proves to be T-Com's delight. Neither Antonija or Ana were nominated in past 70 days, so many fans of the show who are using long-awaited opportunity to express their dislike for them.

On Friday Antonija's eviction looked like certainty. However, it quickly began to change when Ana, who had been struck with bad moods and depression before, went into self-destructive mode. That became apparent to the viewers of TV daily summaries and began to reflect on on-line polls. On some of them the race is dead heat with votes for Antonija's eviction having marginal lead.

With momentum in favour of Ana's departure growing, Antonija's fans were encouraged. For the first time after Friday they began to re-appear on Croatian Internet forums, some even suggesting that their favourite could not only survive this eviction vote ordeal, but also to get into final four and win grand prize.

Their optimism, however, might not be well-founded. The polls still suggest Antonija being in marginally worse situation than Ana. The polls that have proven to be more dependable in the past suggest much larger margin for Antonija's eviction.

Furthermore, tonight's TV daily summary also suggests that Ana isn't the only one to have nomination-related problems. Perhaps RTL Televise doesn't want to be accused of being over-manipulative or biased towards Antonia – housemate whose job history and acquaintances makes her closest to RTL Televizija. In any case, their choice of daily events concentrated on Antonija instead of Ana being the neurotic primadona of Big Brother. A good example is last night row between Antonija and Ana which led to Antonija breaking down in tears and Ana telling Antonija that "she was losing it".

At the same time, more and more observers are reaching consensus about the show's final four – Saša (Sasa), Zdravko, Alen and Marina. The foursome is spending increasing amounts of time together, especially when it comes to the weekly task. Marina, who has conquered her own childhood fears, is the only woman who appears to take the weekly task seriously. Valentina, obviously aware that the balance of power has shifted in male favour, tries to emulate Marina's tactics and become "one of the guys", but her efforts so far were in vain. At this stage the only way for Valentina to enter the final four is Alen's promise to help decorate Marina's bar in Medulin for Christmas, which seems unlikely without Alen's voluntary departure.


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