Friday, November 26, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Final Nomination Pact – Game Over?

If certain news item on RTL official site is to be believed, Axis and Good Old Boys have apparently made or at least tried to make a deal that would secure their place in final four. Last evening Ana was telling Saša (Sasa), Zdravko and Antonija about the dream in which "all four of them reached final". Of course, this dream tale is just an excuse for nomination deal proposal.

If the deal goes through, all four are likely to create unstoppable nomination bloc that would first nominate Alen/Željko(Zeljko) and Marina this evening, than Alen and Valentina, than Alen and Zdravko. Axis would gladly sacrifice Valentina, while the boys would get rid of Alen whom they see as their biggest competitor for final prize.


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