Monday, November 29, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: A Twist In The Narrative

Show's fans who used to complain about "too much family atmosphere" and "lack of drama" now have all reasons to be content. This week in Big Brother House has everything last Friday has indicated – housemates are increasingly nervous, old alliances are broken, friendships are replaced by distrust and paranoia, laughter is replaced with tears. And, to make things even better for RTL Televizija and its ratings, unlike Friday, the outcome of the show is not as predictable as it was on Friday.

On Friday and for the most of Saturday final four looked very much like the done deal – Alen and Marina have created alliance with Good Old Boys, making eviction of Ana and Valentina mere formality. Alen tried very hard to convince other two men that Marina was the best possible female companion to the final male trio. And it seemed that at least Zdravko felt sympathetic towards his argument.

However, things somewhat changed yesterday. T-Com tried to create another of its legendary "storm in a teacup" scoops by reporting about some newfound "chemistry" between Zdravko and Ana. Zdravko suddenly began showing much more tenderness towards Ana signalling that his affections or, to be more precise, political preferences might shift. However, today's lunch, during which he expressed admiration for Valentina's and Marina's culinary skills, shows that his new-found affection for Ana might be nothing more than sadistic deception. Stunts like this are supposed to make what Zdravko believes to be Ana's final week in House as difficult as possible.

Most housemates believe that Ana would leave the House on Friday and most of audience, until recently, expected next Friday to be bring surprise to them with eviction of Antonija. Although Antonija was arguably the most disliked of all housemates, last day or so Ana did her best to keep her in House. Her mood is bad, she is nervous and even those who considered themselves to be her friends and allies express preference for her departure from House. On-line polls, which showed Antonija's eviction as overwhelming preference now show much more even race – some suggest that Ana instead of Antonija might leave on Friday (and that could throw nominations into complete disarray).

However, the most spectacular twist in the House occurred with the housemate many believed to be the most emotionally stable. It seems that two months of House did have some major effect on Marina's self-control. First symptom was her drunkenness on Valentina's birthday. Second such occurrence was yesterday during another argument with Alen. Marina, who always used to pay great deal of attention to her vocabulary used, to the utmost amusement of Valentina who witnessed the row in close proximity, four-letter words.

However, what occurred with Marina in the afternoon should make Tanja Pureta and her team of psychologists very proud. Tests, close observations and data gathered by Marina's acquaintance yielded some results and brought something that should please anyone who hates Marina or simply takes pleasure in other people's misery. Weekly task – an assault course – brought some extreme painful childhood memories to Marina. When she realised that she would have to vault over the buck, Marina suddenly remembered traumatic childhood event when she fell and saw all her schoolmates laughing over her. She began to doubt that she could ever vault over the buck. The pressure of weekly task was too much and she broke down in tears in front of every other housemate.

However, it was Marina's turn to add new twist to this narrative. After some comforting from Alen she gathered herself together and decided to face her demons once again. She managed to vault over the buck. Whatever the outcome of weekly task might be, Marina proved to be one of its heroes. At least for the short moment (which, unlike her tears, probably won't be featured in tonight's TV daily summary).


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