Thursday, December 09, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Ehxaustion

You know that your reality show is in trouble when the hosts start behaving worse than the contestants.

This proverb could be applied to Big Brother Croatia, at least after the Friday's incident made its way to the printed media. Boris Mirković (Boris Mirkovic), one of the hosts who was in front of House in order to greet an evictee, was caught on camera reciting profanities, apparently towards the fans who, judging by his words, weren't in such large numbers he had expected. Most of the audience is convinced that Mirković was drunk at the time. Naturally, RTL Televizija is in full damage limitation mode. Neno Pavinčić (Neno Pavincic), his co-host who used to be with him during the incident, claims that Mirković wasn't drunk but merely "in good spirits". When asked for the comment by Večernji list (Vecernji list), Kristijan Gržetić (Kristijan Grzetic), official spokesman of the show, denied any drunkenness and said that Mirković "had specific method of running the show".

Show hosts are making scandals, their friends and parents are engaged in mudslinging worse than US presidential campaign and the rival To sam ja show has contestants having sex in front of cameras and being evicted for violent behaviour. In the mean time, House in Dubrava starts to look like a monastery. Housemates are completely overtaken by their carpentry task, cooking and occasional philosophical discussion about friendship, love, life, death, nominations, evictions and the end of the show.

Attempt to stir things up in the evening with "creative" task again ended in miserable failure. Last night the housemates were asked to recreate some of the scenes from classic or popular movies like Casablanca, Psycho, The Godfather, Taxi Driver and Matrix. Again, the housemates were so physically and emotionally exhausted that they couldn't remember a single scene from any of those films. In the end they had to improvise – Alen and Marina somehow managed to recreate shower scene from Psycho (with Marina, unlike Janet Leigh's body double, having a bath suit) while Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko recreated William Wallace's execution from Braveheart.

Based on what we can be gathered from TV daily summaries, it seems that the last alliance is forming within House. Zdravko, Marina and Alen have correctly assumed that Valentina is more likely to be evicted than Antonija. While Saša spends increasing amounts of time talking with chairs, three of them are spending their time, which could lead to Saša and Antonija being nominated in the last round.

With Zdravko having his entry into final four all but secured, his family was the first to prepare for the second, final and the most difficult stage of the game – securing his victory. They are about to officially start a campaign with the huge party in his native Samobor.


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