Sunday, December 05, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Love Hurts

Final stages of Big Brother Croatia might have predictable outcome, but they aren't going to be boring. Housemates can always find a way to deliver some interesting surprise.

Those who expect the final four - three men and Marina – to be one big, happy and boring family – got the brief taste of rather different thing last night. Three men took couple of beers too many and delivered an interesting spectacle which, in most likelihood, won't be aired on TV daily summaries. Saša (Sasa), Zdravko and Alen got very drunk. Before going to sleep Saša and Zdravko entertained the women by going to the shower together. Antonija's attempts to take the opportunity of the situation and see Zdravko in birthday suit backfired because he kept his underpants on.

On the other hand, Saša's condition allowed Zdravko and Alen to employ some psychological warfare and convince him that he had made complete mess of himself, including displaying certain parts of his anatomy to the girls and using it in the most indecent way possible. Saša felt genuinely concerned for the way his wife could react to such transgression.

Zdravko, for his part, challenged obnoxiously drunk Alen to a mock fight. The result was Alen receiving a genuine hit and half an hour of Zdravko's apologising. Whether this mock fight was a test for the real thing when Marina stirs too much of a passion remains to be seen.

While Valentina and Antonija were having bad time yesterday, this morning was Antonija's turn to make an emotional wreck of herself. While other housemates kept themselves busy with all kinds of activities, Antonija spent two hours in bed watching the ceiling. Antonija's bad condition could be also gathered from the fact that she was the only one to break down and cry while discussing post-nomination situation in Confessions Room.

Antonija's psychological pain was, however, less spectacular than real physical pain that struck Marina. All those who expected Alen to hurt Big Brother's femme fatale have their fears validated. Alen, in an attempt to make a joke, took chair under Marina. She fell and hurt her back so bad that the physician came to check her up in Confessions Room. So far this seems to be the worst physical injury ever to occur in Big Brother. Alen, Valentina and Ana were hurt before, but there weren't as incapacitated as Marina who would probably spend a day or lying on her belly.

This incident, regardless whether Marina makes a full recovery or not, might have some serious consequences for the final outcome of the show. Although Alen tried his best to apologise and to comfort Marina, his action, in most likelihood, is not going to win him any popularity point. Marina may forgive his stupid prank, but many in Croatia won't. Many who don't like Alen will undoubtedly try to interpret this action as an expression – wilful of subconscious - of the pathological jealousy and violent tendencies that emerged two weeks ago.

Marina in most likelihood will not take part in new weekly task. Housemates were given tools to make 56 chairs and 7 tables for a kindergarten. Again they are betting 50 % of their weekly budget.


Marina has apparently recovered enough to move around the House and sit in living room. She seems to be in relatively good mood and takes a great deal of interest in a weekly task.

The housemates are apparently going to visit the kindergarten they are about to make furniture for.


Marina seems able to sit. She has fully recovered or, at least, she puts a brave face on her predicament. She even laughs.

TV daily summary has given a new and even saucier perspective on last night's events. First, when Saša and Zdravko entered the shower, Zdravko used the opportunity to invite Marina in. She declined, and for good reason, because at least one of the men was not in complete control of his senses. It appears that Alen and Zdravko were right – Saša was indeed showing his intimate parts to the female housemates. RTL Televizija, of course, didn't want to have family audience exposed to the same sight that had entertained the housemates and some digital technology was used to hide the offending images.


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