Thursday, December 02, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Valentina Is Next?

It appears that Ana has improved her mood in past few days. Whether that would be enough to compensate for her self-destructing behaviour after nominations remains to be seen. Some think that the eviction contest between Antonija and Ana is going be close, while some argue that it won't. One poll suggest votes Ana's eviction slightly ahead, while the polls that proved to be more reliable in the past indicate Antonija's eviction being ahead with comfortable margin.

Tonight's TV daily summary, which could have clinched the race one way or the other, mostly ignored Antonija and Ana. What viewers saw instead was escalating feud between Valentina and male section of House. Valentina made a mistake of commenting on weekly task and Zdravko's underperforming while not making significant contribution of her own. All that led to a long discussion between the men and statements in Confessions Room that all indicated only one thing – Valentina is going to receive at least three nomination votes on Friday.

The question who is going to be nominated together with Valentina is also a matter of intense speculations. Tonight's TV summary and some articles on official sites point towards few surprises. While Saša's (Sasa's) newfound preference for Antonija might be genuine, Zdravko's preference for Antonija looks like nothing more just another attempt of psychological manipulation. Most expect Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko to stick with the plan to have three men and one woman in final four and, therefore, nominate Ana/Antonija together with Valentina.

Another thing that could wreck this scheme is developing love triangle between Alen, Marina and Zdravko. This is something that even Jutarnji list and TV daily summaries can't ignore. Alen was asked the comment on the situation in Confessions Room and he admitted being "naturally jealous".

In the meantime, news about Sanja and Filip having a relationship outside House are replaced by Večernji list (Vecernji list) report about Sanja and Željko (Zeljko) being seen in each other's company at the Zagreb streets on numerous occasions. Željko said that this made sense because both were "finishing studies" and both were from Slavonia. They said that their relationship was "purel friendship" although "this could change after a while".


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