Thursday, December 02, 2004

Babe Factor Emerging

Đurđa Adlešić (Djurdja Adlesic) used to be one of the most respected members of last Sabor and human assets of former governing coalition. When he HSLS party switched sides and joined HDZ, her star began to fade and even the position of popular Bjelovar mayor and MS upon whose vote Sanader's majority depends isn't enough for Adlešić to remain in public spotlight. She decided to remind Croatian public of her existence by presidential candidacy.

Her first major campaign move was the most spectacular and most controversial in the same time. She posed for Stephen Lupino, Croatia's most famous fashion photographer, specialised in shooting celebrity women with little or no clothes. Adlešić was dressed quite conservative for Lupino's standards, but for some mini-skirt was a little bit too revealing for someone competing to become Croatia's president.

This kind of criticism was seen by Adlešić as a way to create even more publicity. She lambasted all who had dared to criticise her oufit and some feminist organisations – all to eager to stand behind any candidate without Y chromosome – called such criticism "sexist" and "verbal violence over women". This is quite interesting to hear from the circles that usually complain about "objectification of women" and too much sexism in entertainment industry.

Split sociologist Dražen Lalić (Drazen Lalic) in his Globus column writes that Adlešić probably won't gather much votes with this stunt.

That, of course, probably won't discourage other contenders. One of them is Split attorney Doris Košta (Doris Kosta) who announced her own presidential run. Košta, whose attempt to win Sabor seat as DC cadre ended disastrously one year ago, can hope to get some publicity with this run. Whether she would get more votes than Adlešić remains to be seen. But if she follows Adlešić's example, her campaign is going most likely to be more popular among male section of Croatian electorate.


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