Thursday, December 02, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Powerful Friends of Antonija

Living in small country has its advantages. One of those advantages is close proximity to all kinds of powerful and influential people. It appears that one of Big Brother contestants benefited from this. Antonija Blaće (Antonija Blace), a contestant who never hid her past association with RTL Televizija, apparently owes her entry into House to some powerful friends and it is most likely to stay in the House thanks to her powerful friends.

Unconfirmed reports from some of Croatia's Internet forums tell about Antonija being long-time acquaintance of Nives Polovina, journalist who works for RTL Televizija.

Whether such past associations led RTL Televizija to succumb to Croatian customs and give Antonija preferential treatment remains to be seen. Conspiracy theorist have already begun to work on all kinds of schemes, including vote tampering and manipulative editing of TV daily summaries. For example, last night's TV daily summary hardly included any image of Antonija. On the other hand, Ana, despite seeming more stable than in previous, was treated with one long interrupted shot of her crying alone in bed. Some may argue that this may be a suggestion to the audience – they should vote Ana out of House for purely humanitarian reasons.

It seems that Antonija has friends in House as well as outside, at least judging by the statements in Confessions Room. Saša (Sasa), who had nominated Antonija on Friday, said all the best words about her and expressed desire to see Ana rather Antonija evicted. Same goes for Zdravko who also began describe Antonija in best possible terms. Two Good Old Boys could have began taking Antonija as their favourite for purely political reasons – of all female housemates, Antonija in final four is least likely to steal votes from them while Marina's eviction could lead to Alen's voluntary departure. They could also be coached by Tanja Pureta and her team in the Confessions Room.

Of course, RTL Televizija might give preferential treatment to Antonija for purely business reasons. If Antonija gets evicted on Friday, Ana's nomination and her subsequent eviction on Friday looks like a done deal. That would be one big setback for RTL Televizija – with results all but certain, fans of the show would have little inclination to vote. With Antonija in at least one or two more rounds of phone voting, T-Com's profits would soar.

In the meantime, Željko (Zeljko) gave few statements in which he had tried to give insiders' view of the House. He described himself as "object of desire of every woman in the House" and said that, initially, there was some "mutual fondness" between him and Valentina, but that they later drifted apart. He said that he lost women's favour for not "being open enough". Željko also commented relationship between Alen and Marina – for Alen it was genuine love, for Marina mere "attention seeking". For Željko, the best looking woman was Ana, but he appreciated Sanja's character most.


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