Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Time of Calculations

(Note: This is a repost, because the original text has mysteriously disappeared, probably due to certain technical problems.)

Almost everyone is convinced that the Big Brother housemates are going to fail weekly task. Some may speculate that the reason for another failure will be less in housemates' inability and more in their political calculations. If the housemates fail again, that would create another set of tensions, especially among the dwindling ranks of Big Brother smokers. Part of the reason why Antonija and Ana are taking this week badly is also in their lack of cigarettes.

In the meantime, only Saša (Sasa), Zdravko, Marina and, occasionally, Marina are putting some serious effort to pass the task. Today there was some discussion over disparity between Big Brother's designated time – 9:30 minutes – and the actual result during the test run – 13:30.

Another source of tensions are, of course, nominations. Zdravko is again trying to apply some leverage and confirm his status of Alpha Male. After sending mixed signals to Ana and Valentina, his next target is Antonija. He publicly lauded her character and good handling of difficult situation.

So far, it looks like Zdravko's proposed alliance is likely to last only until Friday. Momentum for Ana's eviction has slowed and on-line polls again suggest somewhat greater lead for Antonija's eviction. It is still close, but somewhat less closer than two days ago. Ana's case is going to be helped by her today's decision to return to start cooking again.

The media outside the House is for the first time concentrated more on what goes in Dubrava rather than housemates' pasts. There are reports about Krešo (Kreso) being ill, apparently struck by flu. Bajlo family is being shocked with photograph of their daughter Marina and her ex-boyfriend Edi Grubišić (Edi Grubisic) simulating post-nuptial sex on the hood of a car. Mirjana Bajlo, Marina's mother, however, claims that Edi, photograph or no photograph, is still a welcome guest in their family's bar.

Filip, on the other hand, seems to have the time of his life, at least when he is asked to comment on Ana's and Antonija's nominations. He always blamed those two women for his eviction and is now apparently delighted with the collapse of Axis. According to Filip, Marina joined men because she was disgusted with "politics", while Valentina, "the shrewdest of them all", saw the "writing on the wall" and joined the men because of her own survival.


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