Friday, December 03, 2004

Staying Put

There is at least one reason why Croatian taxpayers shouldn't complain about the result of last year's parliamentary elections. In at least one thing Sabor is less likely to spend their hard earned kunas as it had before.

Last Sunday Ana Marija Bešker (Ana Marija Besker), Croatian ambassador to Denmark, had to employ her diplomatic abilities in order to prevent a scandal. She had to explain why top members of Croatian parliamentary delegation failed to appear in Copenhagen despite two months of preparations for the state visit.

The reason is simple. Delegation was supposed to include three members of Sabor who support Sanader's majority. On Tuesday Sabor was supposed to vote on Veterans Act. With opposition MSes sitting out in protest over procedural errors, any absentee could easily deprive HDZ of Sabor quorum. So, until further notice, Sabor speaker Vladimir Šeks (Vladimir Seks) has banned all MSes from taking part in state visits. Croatian delegation in Denmark was the first application of these new rules.


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