Friday, December 03, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Game Over?

Antonija and Valentina are nominated. Saša (Sasa), Zdravko and Alen were voting as a bloc, while Marina traditionally strayed from the line and nominated Saša for tactical reasons. Valentina nominated Zdravko and Alen for no apparent reasons, while Antonija seemed to be the only one to have some calculations in her nomination of Marina and Saša. She apparently hoped that Marina would be nominated together with Saša, but her hopes were quickly dashed.

The rest of the game seems to be formality. Unless Valentina cracks as spectacularly as Ana, Antonija is on her way out. That leaves the final choice between Alen and Valentina/Antonija which is hardly a choice at all.

After this Friday nominations the final four Big Brother Croatia looks quite certain – Saša, Zdravko, Alen and Marina.


Live show hosts asked Filip to comment on the situation. To say that his face was radiating with glee would be the an understament of century.


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