Friday, December 03, 2004

HIV Hysteria Continues

There are various ways in which people can mark World AIDS Day.

This year some people in Croatia gave their original contribution. One Zagreb elementary school principal organised the special projection of Larry Clark's Kids for 7th and 8th Grade pupils in an apparent attempt to discourage them from alcohol, drugs and unprotected sex. Most of the pupils walked out of theatre with utter disgust and (had opportunity to watch the same film on Nova TV few days later).

But hardly anyone can match the stunt of certain character who describes himself as "38 year-old seaman from Rijeka". Obviously inspired by Olena Popik and Denis Dragun scandals, he sent the anonymous letter to police and media claiming to be HIV-infected. He allegedly got infected by a prostitute in a foreign harbour city and, as an act of revenge, decided to spread the disease among those prostitutes' colleagues in Zagreb and Rijeka. He paid extra unprotected sex and, when refused such service, used condoms with "tiny holes". He named the prostitutes which led to police investigation.

Apparently, police managed to identify some of the women and "put them in protective custody". They are currently being questioned.


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