Monday, December 06, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Domestic Abuse

Yesterday's incident between Alen and Marina didn't create as much attention as it could have only few weeks ago. Almost everyone seems to be reconciled with the predictable outcome and everything which strays from the familiar and predictable path is ignored an played down.

RTL Televizija in its daily summary, of course, played the incident down as nothing more than a prank gone terribly wrong. Marina too played the incident down, first by apparently recovering in record time (or, more likely, using her formidable willpower to suppress outward manifestation of pain), then by remembering that she was the victim of identical stunt on her birthday party and that the culprit was her sister Paola (both of them were, in most likelihood, in pre-teen years).

Alen's behaviour after the incident was very much like the behaviour of a spouse/parent who tries to erase the psychological aftermath of the domestic violence. Marina was given the usual routine of hugs, kisses, declarations of love and pathetic pleas for forgiveness – just like the beaten women receive roses in their hospital beds from the men who had sent them there.

One reason why Marina played down the incident could be her realisation that the real motive of Alen's action has little to do with her directly. The outcome in which three men would have the share the House with one women means the end of the male alliance that had struggled with Axis. The allies are now becoming enemies and friendship is being replaced with paranoia and examination of opponent's weaknesses. Alen seems to be aware that some of his friends might backstab him on Friday and this reflects in increased nervousness, pathological jealousy and outburst of violent behaviour.

His rivals Saša (Sasa) and Zdravko seem to be aware of this and they are doing their best to increase Alen's insecurity and destroy his self-esteem. One of the methods is to remind him of his insufficient masculinity or lack of macho credentials. TV daily summary displayed one of such moves in the form of late night's visit to Jacuzzi. Saša and Zdravko were defying the cold and the elements while Alen desperately and unsuccessfully tried to call them back in the House.

Their quarrel continued in the House where Zdravko used this opportunity to rub Alen's nose with the Confessions Room stunt. This could be interpreted either as a clever allusion of Alen's childishness or Zdravko's attempt to remind Alen that he isn't the only one that cares about Marina.

Marina too seems to be aware that next Friday might bring some surprises. Tonight Alen and Marina were discussing final four and Alen asked whether which of them two would get more votes in the final post-eviction phase when the public elects the winner. Marina replied that there wasn't any chance of two of them staying together in the final phase. Marina, therefore, suspects that she could be nominated with one of the boys and, consequently, evicted or that Alen might be nominated together with one of the boys (in which case he goes out). This could also be interpreted as Marina's implicit suggestion for Alen to fall on his sword on Friday and cancel the nomination process with voluntary departure.

In the meantime, members of housemates' families have begun to appreciate PR abilities of Internet. Branka Blaće (Branka Blace), Antonija's half-sister, has appeared on one of Internet forums. Filip Voloder also sent one post. There is still unconfirmed report of Paola Bajlo, Marina's sister, surfing the Net and posting pro-Marina messages under alias.

But the most important news, at least judging by the headline of, site not particularly known for extensive Big Brother coverage, is related to Valentina. Yesterday she was discussing her breasts size with the men and, after enough provocations, announced that she would reveal her breasts, but only after she stays until the end and wins the grand prize.


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