Sunday, January 02, 2005

[ELECTION 2005] Some Violence

Today's presidential election had its first violent incident.

It happened this morning at the Polling Station No. 102 in city of Split. Famous actor Boris Dvornik came to vote, apparently under the influence of alcohol. He took some interests in the female observer of GONG – Croatian election watchdog group. He first tried to hug her and then, after being pushed aside, he punched her in the face. He left the polling station immediately afterwards, after being asked by election officials to do so. According to the latest edition of RTL Televizija news, police is "investigating the matter".

More important news comes from State Electoral Commission. According to their data, the turnout is relatively low. By 16 hours, only 41.92 % people bothered to vote. Compared with 2000 election, this is a 14 % drop.

RTL Televizija also announced that it would air results of first exit poll, made on 20,000 sample, on 19:25 CET.


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