Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Thoughts On Terri Schiavo

I would very much like to have something of an opinion in Terri Schiavo, but, in all fairness, I simply can’t make my mind whose side I would prefer in that debate.

But I can’t fail noticing the strange absence of strong opinions on this side of Big Pond, especially in Croatia. Somehow, all those commentators who enjoy America-bashing as their favourite sport and use every aspect of American life as a proof of moral and other superiority of every thing European, have decided to sit this one out.

Perhaps this is because this whole sad affair so unique and not fitting certain ideological patterns. Many people are accustomed to simpler situations that make their alignments easy. In case of Terri Schiavo, things aren’t so simple and many who like to be on the side of the angels are afraid that might make the wrong call.

For example, many on the Left are having hard time adapting to the situation in which Evil Murdering Bush is trying to save a life for a change.

Those who advocate right to die and, by default, oppose American religious right and their pro-life stance, are unsure whether they could come to blows with feminists. If they support Mr. Schiavo and his position, that could be interpreted as giving husbands power of life and death over their wives.

Furthermore, this affair shows that there are situations when Europe seems to be more conservative than USA. For example, this situation could never happen in Croatia, at least not legally. Croatian laws are very explicit – persons in Mrs. Schiavo’s condition are just entitled to live as those in perfect health and any attempt to put them out of their misery, regardless of their eventual wishes in the matter, is treated as nothing short of murder.


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