Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Željko (Zeljko) Reborn

Yesterday's daily summary on RTL Televizija confirmed what many had speculated about. Although he had wavered before, Željko (Zeljko) decision to stay was finally made only after the long discussion with two women who had nominated him – Marina and Sanja. The former, of course, had more interests and more ability to make him change his mind.

Whatever Marina said to Željko, it apparently not only changed his mind but also significantly lifted his spirit. All housemates seem to indicate that Željko was in definitely better mood than in past few days. He appears to be more active than ever during his stay in House. This was reflected in the weekly task of making Christmas hip hop song, during which he made significant contribution to the lyrics while most other housemates struggled with the lack of inspiration.

This, together with revelations about Sanja's poetry, seems to be pushing the public sentiment in Željko's favour. One on-line poll which showed dead heat between Željko and Sanja in past few days now shows significant majority – almost 70 % - of potential voters favouring Sanja's eviction.


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