Thursday, November 18, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Farewell To Political Correctness

As Friday – first one in which eviction is going to be immediately followed by nomination – approaches, "family atmosphere" is slowly being replaced with implicit but palpable hostility. New alliances are forged, new policies and new official lines are adopted, old friends are becoming bitter rivals and old rivals are becoming allies out of necessity.

In the process, some of the housemates are dropping their guard and saying things that might haunt them once they leave the House. Some of those things might even haunt RTL Televizija which has put considerable effort to portray their chosen candidates as "liberal", "cool" and "hip" people. Tonight's daily summary showed one such outburst of political incorrectness which had occurred yesterday morning during breakfast. Housemates were discussing homosexuality and Zdravko said that he considered homosexuals to be "sick people". Valentina matched this by saying that she "would never like to have a gay son". During the same conversation Željko (Zeljko) and Sanja were discussing the topic by themselves. Željko admitted having gay friend and more tolerant attitudes towards homosexuality than his faculty. Breakfast discussion, which also dealt with drug addiction, served as an excuse for another row between Alen and Marina. Marina apparently didn't like Alen's "immature" attitude towards such things. The details of that row were denied to TV viewers, just as RTL Televizija, unlike T-Com, didn't deem necessary to put emphasis on long late night discussions between Željko and Marina.

Tonight's daily summary, however, showed first instance of Confessions Room being used as propaganda tool. In her statement Antonija clearly expressed what many expected – her preference for Sanja over Željko – and even implicitly asked viewers to keep her favourite in the House.

Latest developments seem to point to next nominations being strictly on gender lines. Internet buzz is about all five women, including Marina, gathering in order to criticise Alen. Marina's turn against Alen, if it is true, is quite understandable move since the game came to stage when political calculation plays much more important role than personal likes and dislikes. Marina might indeed like Alen most of all other housemates, but recently he began to look like liability rather than asset – she has all reasons to fear being nominated solely in order to push emotionally devastated Alen into voluntary departure.

Her actions are matched by Zdravko using each and every opportunity to pick verbal and other skirmishes with Marina because of long-term calculation. Zdravko hopes to be nominated because he expects teenyboppers to keep him in the House and thus guarantee eviction of another, preferably, female person.

In the meantime, Večernji list (Vecernji list), although the article author admits that this eviction round is "most unpredictable ever", expects Željko to be evicted. Their record in predicting Big Brother Croatia nominations and evictions, however, isn't one someone should brag about, though.


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