Monday, January 03, 2005

[ELECTION 2005] Suspended Over Liver Paste

Election 2005 had its first victim. Tatjana Munižaba (Tatjana Munizaba), HRT reporter covering the election night from Stipe Mesić's (Stipe Mesic's) headquarters, tried to add some humour to her coverage by referencing one of Mesić's more entertaining statements from the campaign.

During the campaign Mesić was commenting on omnipresence of Jadranka Kosor's ads in media and said that he didn't dare to open "a liver paste can because he was afraid that Jadranka Kosor would pop up as a surprise". This, and few other instances of Mesić referring to his main rival were interpreted as "insults" by Kosor's camp.

Munižaba, while interviewing Mesić, offered him a liver paste can as a gift. Mesić was amused. Kosor was not. Nor did HRT brass which later suspended Munižaba over her transgression "pending disciplinary hearing".


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